Everybody Learning

Often the best places for professionals to learn aren’t training rooms but one another’s classroom’s. We need to open up our classrooms to professional study, enabling professionals to learn from the best of one another’s practice.

School to School Learning

Networks, partnerships, families; whatever the title and whatever the configuration of schools creating a school-to-school learning partnership can be a really powerful source of support, development and mutual challenge. They can also be incredibly frustrating and time consuming and produce disappointing outcomes for the time effort and resource expended upon them.

The everyone learning@ Teaching School Alliance offers facilitative support in the creation and development of school-to-school learning partnerships which make a measurable difference to both the impact of leadership on classroom practice  and the quality of teaching in classrooms.

Learning from the practice of another school can also be extremely challenging. De-privatising practice, opening up classrooms to professional study, we need to make people confident that observation can be for learning not about judgement. However so much of what is the very best of practice is embedded in the craft of its practitioners, developed over time in that particular context.


In developing programmes for school-to-school learning our aim is always to meet those two challenges:

-          Giving staff the confidence to open up their classrooms to professional study

-          Creating processes which enable practitioners to explore what their classroom observations might mean for practice in their own schools


Making classrooms not just places for children and young people to learn but turning them into laboratories where professionals can study practice and learn to do things differently.

These programmes also create opportunities for school leaders to evaluate the impact of partnership working, to ask what difference being in the partnership makes in each of their schools



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