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Research at New Bridge Multi-Academy Trust – Jane Dickson, Research Lead

Why research in Schools?

  • It is without question that high quality CPD can have a significant impact on pupil learning as improving the quality of teachers and their support staff, the quality of teaching and learning subsequently improves. Indeed as the Sutton Trust (2011) reports ‘disadvantaged pupils gain 1.5 years’ worth of learning if taught by very effective teachers, compared to 0.5 years’ worth when taught by poorly performing teachers: that is one year’s worth of learning’. Unfortunately the majority of current CPD appears to be ineffective in transforming practice or improving student outcomes (Brown, 2015).  There is a growing consensus that through engagement with research teachers improve their practice and hence attainment of pupils in a wide range of areas, not just academic but social and emotional well-being.
  • Action Research in the classroom therefore is a powerful tool for improving teaching and learning as well as enhancing professional development.


  • Underpinning the research at the MAT is the desire to acquire a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of how pupils actually learn.We work with a special group of students for whom mainstream education has failed.
  • By carrying out research into our own practice and identifying what works and doesn’t could massively impact upon educational opportunities for all children.As professionals we need to adopt and embrace professional practices by keeping up to date with initiatives and questioning their impact.  We need to develop a culture of professional excellence.
  • As a teaching school there is a need to play a lead role in both defining and disseminating effective practice across the MAT and beyond via quality research and focused CPD provision.


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