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School to School Support

What is School to School Support?

We provide bespoke collaborative and formal support packages to individuals, schools, or subject areas based on school priorities. Essential to our support is the culture promoted, enabling schools to share expertise alliance wide with schools self – identifying a development need.

Our formal packages (LLE’s, NLE’s etc) contribute significantly to improving the outcomes for children through developing the capacity of peer leaders in other schools.

‘No-one has ever become poor by giving.’
– Anne Frank
‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’
– Winston Churchill


Through wide-ranging powerful partnerships, Everyonelearning@ TSA provides bespoke support tailored to meet the need of individual schools. Everyonelearning@TSA is passionate about collaboration enabling expertise to be shared and developed flowing a co-operative methodology. Our intention is to promote a climate where schools are confident and reassured to share expertise or self-identify requests for support, proactively promoting continuous improvement in our schools.

Formal Support

We have a whole spectrum of support available to primary, secondary and special schools via our Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE’s) covering a range of subjects. We also have  Local Leaders of Education (LLE’s) and National Leaders of Education (NLE’s).

Bespoke Responses

The everyone learning@Teaching School Alliance is able broker support to meet the needs and school development priorities of individual schools. Requests are dealt with on an individual basis. The Teaching School will then look to commission support through its bank of system leaders and staff across its Alliance Partners and beyond.


  • Initial request made to the Teaching School Alliance
  • Teaching School Alliance arranges meeting with Client
  • Initial contract sent to Client for approval
  • Support commissioned with clear timescales, costings, action plan and agreed exit strategy


Any bespoke response of support is costed individually.

The Teaching School Alliance will charge a 20% commission for any brokered support.

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